Generating Surrogate Keys

(By Jamie Thomson) Introduction Surrogate keys are generally considered fundamental building blocks of a data warehouse. They are used as identifiers for dimensional members and enable us to manage slowly changing dimensions. SSIS does not contain a built in component for generating surrogate keys but there is still a mechanism for doing it – the… Continue reading Generating Surrogate Keys

How to add an icon to your component

When developing your own custom components for that more professional, and also practical, finish you may want to use your own icon rather than relying on the default system icon. You set this through the IconResource property of the appropriate component attribute; DtsTask for a control flow component or task, DtsPipelineComponent for a data flow… Continue reading How to add an icon to your component

For Loop Container Samples

One of the new tasks in SQL Server 2005 is the For Loop Container. In this article we will demonstrate a few simple examples of how this works. Firstly it is worth mentioning that the For Loop Container follows the same logic as most other loop mechanism you may have come across, in that it… Continue reading For Loop Container Samples

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