Data Generator Source Adapter

This component needs little explanation. It generates random integer (DT_I4) and string (DT_WSTR) data and places them in the pipeline. You specify how many columns of each you would like and for any string columns you pass a fixed length value. You then need to specify how many rows in total you require to be generated.

This component is used by us to do testing of the pipeline and components downstream. Previously we would have used a script component (as a source) to generate the rows but found ourselves rewriting the code too often so created this component.


Data Generator Editor 2005
SQL Server 2005 Integration Services
Data Generator Editor 2008/2012
SQL Server 2008/2012 Integration Services

The component is provided as an MSI file, however to complete the installation, you will have to add the transformation to the Visual Studio toolbox manually. Right-click the toolbox, and select Choose Items…. Select the SSIS Data Flow Items tab, and then check the Data Generator Source from the list.


The Data Generator Source Adapter is available for SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 (includes R2) and SQL Server 2012. Please choose the version to match your SQL Server version, or you can install multiple versions and use them side by side if you have more than one version of SQL Server installed.

Data Generator Source Adapter for SQL Server 2005

Data Generator Source Adapter for SQL Server 2008

Data Generator Source Adapter for SQL Server 2012

Data Generator Source Adapter for SQL Server 2014

Data Generator Source Adapter for SQL Server 2016

Data Generator Source Adapter for SQL Server 2017

Data Generator Source Adapter for SQL Server 2019

Version History

SQL Server 2019

Version – SQL Server 2019.
(29 Sep 2019)

SQL Server 2017

Version – SQL Server 2017.
(29 Sep 2019)

SQL Server 2016

Version – SQL Server 2016.
(29 Sep 2019)

SQL Server 2014

Version – SQL Server 2014.
(29 Sep 2019)

SQL Server 2012

Version – SQL Server 2012 release. Includes upgrade support for both 2005 and 2008 packages to 2012.
(5 Jun 2012)

SQL Server 2008

Version – SQL Server 2008 February 2008 CTP. Includes support for upgrade of 2005 packages. Simplified user interface.
(4 Mar 2008)

Version – SQL Server 2008 November 2007 CTP. String columns will now use the default system code page. Previously string columns always used 1252.
(15 Feb 2008)

SQL Server 2005

Version – SQL Server 2005 RTM Refresh. SP1 Compatibility Testing.
(12 Jun 2006)

Version – SQL Server 2005 IDW 16 Sept CTP. Public release.
(6 Oct 2005)