What is Validation?

Some questions keep popping up about validation and I thought I'd try to clarify it a bit. What is Validation I've never seen a good definition for what validation in IS is supposed to be or what it's supposed to do anywhere. There is a lot of discussion about what components do when validating, but… Continue reading What is Validation?

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Log Events and Pipeline Events

I was about to write about data flow buffer size configuration properties but need to get this one out first so that we can refer to it. The Data Flow task (internally and in the object model also called the 'Pipeline') logs some pretty interesting information that describe the internal scheduler. To see these messages,… Continue reading Log Events and Pipeline Events

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Parallel Execution Properties

Adjusting the following properties can have an impact on parallelization during execution: 1. MaxConcurrentExecutables This is a property on the Package. It defines how many tasks can be run concurrently. A value of -1 means the number of processors and when hyperthreading is turned on, it counts the number of logical processors, not physically present… Continue reading Parallel Execution Properties