Advanced Topics in SQL Server 2005 SSIS (Presentation)

by Allan Mitchell 15 Oct 2007 14:00

Download the slides and sample code from the Advanced Topics Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services presentation, first presented at the SQLBits 2007 Community Conference.

In this session we looked at some of the not so often thought about areas of the SSIS toolbox. Perhaps they aren't considered true ETL by some people or are simply not seen but we think they are really useful weapons in our ETL armoury. Highlights include:

  • Loading partitions directly
  • Consuming a package in SSRS
  • Using a DM algorithm in the pipeline to see if the new customer meets criteria
  • Performance tips and tricks

Presentation & Samples (410KB) Advanced Topics in SQL Server 2005 SSIS - Solution and

Sample Database (15MB) Advanced Topics in SQL Server 2005 SSIS - Database

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5/23/2010 12:26:23 PM #

Sunil sharma

Its really helped me to work on SSIS.

Sunil sharma India

12/31/2010 8:37:20 AM #


I am having a good knowledge in oracle, Now i am in sql server.

Ramkumar India

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