Sorting data in the SSIS Pipeline (Video)

by Allan Mitchell 29 May 2010 20:27

In this post I want to show a couple of ways to order the data that comes into the pipeline.  a number of people have asked me about this primarily because there are a number of ways to do it but also because some components in the pipeline take sorted inputs.  One of the methods I show is visually easy to understand and the other is less visual but potentially more performant.

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6/7/2010 11:32:55 AM #


It wasn't made clear in the video - "IsSorted" does not actually sort data and it is not a way of sorting input data. It merely marks data as sorted. It is the developer's responsibility to make sure the inputs are sorted via previous stages or at the data source.

Suman Sri Lanka

6/30/2010 12:30:31 PM #


Its great one....thanks

Shahrukh India

3/22/2011 1:05:32 PM #

Sekhar C

Hi Allan ,

It's great Example. can u show me example on the following task:
1)How to Transfer Data from Multiple Excel Files to Single database Table, where All excel files have same number of fields and Same , i am waiting for your positive reply.

Thanks and Regards

Sekhar C

Sekhar C India

3/5/2012 1:56:07 PM #


if the column is a varchar type column or others
and also i can do as it ?

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