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by Darren Green 11 Jul 2011 08:11

I recently noticed that Red Gate have launched themselves into the SSIS component market by releasing a new Data Cleanser component, albeit in beta for now. It seems to be quite a simple component, bringing together several features that you can find elsewhere, but with a suitable level  polish that you’d expect from them. String operations include find and replace with regular expressions, case formatting and trim, all of which are available today in one form or another, but will the RedGate factor appeal to people? Benefits include ease of use, all operations in one place, versus installing a custom component which many organisations do not like.

I’m also interested to see where they take this and SSIS products in general, as it almost seems too simple for RedGate, a company I normally associate with more advanced problem solving. Perhaps they are just dipping a toe in the water with a simple component for now?

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7/13/2011 11:54:17 AM #

Nick Sutherland

Hi Darren  
I'm Nick Sutherland from Red Gate and I'm looking after this line of products. Thanks for posting about the new component. You're pretty much spot on with your assessment - this is a new area for us so we thought it would be great to start with a small, simple tool (but as you say, with the standard Red Gate polish!) and then try and get as much feedback as possible from users for what they want next. There's a feedback link on the actual component, or users can go to:

to let us know what we should add to this component. It would be great to hear what everyone thinks!



Nick Sutherland United Kingdom

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