Mouse Clicks, Reactive Extensions and StreamInsight Mashup

by Allan Mitchell 9 Feb 2011 00:24
I had an hour spare this afternoon so I wanted to have another play with Reactive Extensions in .Net and StreamInsight.  I also didn’t want to simply use a console window as a way of gathering events so I decided to use a windows form instead. The task I set myself was this. Whenever I click on my form I want to subscribe to the event and output its location to the console window and also the timestamp of the event.  In addition to this I want to know for every mouse click I do, how many mouse clicks have happened in the last 5 seconds. The second point here is really i... [More]

StreamInsight and Reactive Framework Challenge

by Allan Mitchell 6 Feb 2011 23:09
In his blogpost Roman from the StreamInsight team asked if we could create a Reactive Framework version of what he had done in the post using StreamInsight.  For those who don’t know, the Reactive Framework or Rx to its friends is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs using observable collections in the .Net framework.  Yes, there is some overlap between StreamInsight and the Reactive Extensions but StreamInsight has more flexibility and power in its temporal algebra (Windowing, Alteration of event headers) Well here are two alternate ways of doing what Roman... [More]

Issuing Current Time Increments in StreamInsight (A Practical Example)

by Allan Mitchell 29 Aug 2010 21:02
The issuing of a Current Time Increment, Cti, in StreamInsight is very definitely one of the most important concepts to learn if you want your Streams to be responsive. A full discussion of how to issue Ctis is beyond the scope of this article but a very good explanation in addition to Books Online can be found in these three articles by a member of the StreamInsight team at Microsoft, Ciprian Gerea. Time in StreamInsight Series [More]

Change Data Capture Webinar

by Allan Mitchell 12 Sep 2009 07:37
I am going to be doing a webinar with our friends at Attunity on Change Data Capture.  Attunity have a good story around this technology and you can use it in your SSIS loads to great effect. Join Attunity and Konesans/SQLIS for a Webinar on 17 September Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: Want increased efficiency and real-time speed when conducting ETL loads? Need lower implementation costs while minimizing system impact? Learn how change data capture (CDC) technologies can reduce ETL lo... [More]

Where is my app.config for SSIS?

by Darren Green 3 Aug 2009 09:20
Sometimes when working with SSIS you need to add or change settings in the .NET application configuration file, which can be a bit confusing when you are building a SSIS package not an application. First of all lets review a couple of examples where you may need to do this. You are using referencing an assembly in a Script Task that uses Enterprise Library (aka EntLib), so you need to add the relevant configuration sections and settings, perhaps for the logging application block. You are using using Enterprise Library in a custom task or component, and again you need to add the relevant... [More]

Create MSDB Folders Through Code

by Darren Green 28 Oct 2008 08:58
You can create package folders through SSMS, but you may also wish to do this as part of a deployment process or installation. In this case you will want programmatic method for managing folders, so how can this be done? The short answer is, go and look at the table msdb.dbo. sysdtspackagefolders90. This where folder information is stored, using a simple parent and child hierarchy format. To add new folder directly we just insert into the table - INSERT INTO dbo.sysdtspackagefolders90 ( folderid ,parentfolderid ,foldername) VALUES ( NEWID() ... [More]

Logical OR in Control Flow to Skip Task

by Allan Mitchell 28 Oct 2008 08:52
Here is an example of how to do something that in DTS we would have had to do some coding in Script.  In our packages we often find the need to follow one path or another in the Control flow based on some condition that exists at runtime.  In the example below we use a variable value to decide what path to take.   Here is the control flow along with the variables pane. The icons on the workflow indicate we have expressions thereon. The expression on the workflow constraint between tasks 1 and 2 is shown here. As you can see we want the workflow to be followed if our variabl... [More]

Comparing Overhead on the Execution Methods

by Allan Mitchell 7 Oct 2005 14:00
So we got to playing with some of the ways that you can execute an SSIS package and got kind of curious about any overhead associated with the execution methods. From these thoughts came a few tests and here are our findings. We decided to look at performance over two different pipelines. We also had to decide on a "Control" so that we had something against which to measure. In the tests the "Control" was achieved by executing each pipeline in the Business Intelligence Development Studio with debugging (F5). Pipeline 1 This pipeline is a straight Source ... [More]

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