SSIS and StreamInsight Working Together.

by Allan Mitchell 18 Jan 2011 21:59
I have been thinking a lot recently about what it would be like to have StreamInsight and SSIS working together.  Well the CAT team have produced a paper on some of our options here. Here are some of my thoughts. There is of course a slight mismatch in their types of usage.  StreamInsight is an Event Stream processing engine capable of operating on new data in the sub second timeframe.  The engine allows you to do real time analytics and take decisions on events that have potentially only just happened.  SSIS on the other hand is a batch processing engine.  In... [More]

Creating packages in code - Workflow

by Darren Green 11 Jun 2010 18:08
This is just a quick one prompted by a question on the SSIS Forum, how to programmatically add a precedence constraint (aka workflow) between two tasks. To keep the code simple I’ve actually used two Sequence containers which are often used as anchor points for a constraint. Very often this is when you have task that you wish to conditionally execute based on an expression. If it the first or only task in the package you need somewhere to anchor the constraint too, so you can then set the expression on it and control the flow of execution. Anyway, back to my code sample, here’s a quick scre... [More]

Meaning of the On Success Workflow Constraint

by Allan Mitchell 3 Oct 2005 14:00
What do you think happens in the following trivial package (The first task is disabled)? Nothing. Error. Everything except for the first task executes. Let's take a look Suprised? Well if like us you are coming from a DTS background then it most likely will shock you. In DTS this package would not have got off first base. Explanation Follows: The meaning of the On Success Constraint should not be read as such. It should be read as No Errors Occured. If the task does not execute i.e. if it is disabled then the TaskHost posts a result of No Err... [More]

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