New SSIS tool on Codeplex – SSIS Log Analyzer

by Darren Green 10 Jul 2009 12:19
I stumbled across a new SSIS tool on Codeplex today, the SSIS Log Analyzer which was only released a few days ago. Whilst it is a beta release and currently only supports 2005 (2008 is promised) it looks quite interesting. It seems to be a fancy log viewer, but with some clever features and a nice looking front-end. I’ve only read the documentation so far, but it has graphs and a debug view that shows your package with the colour animations similar to when debugging in BIDS, and everyone knows, the way the pretty colours and numbers change is the best bit! I’ll quote some of the features for ... [More]

Logging connection strings

by Darren Green 10 Jun 2009 21:44
If you some of the dynamic features of SSIS such as package configurations or property expressions then sometimes trying to work out were your connections are pointing can be a bit confusing. You will work out in the end but it can be useful to explicitly log this information so that when things go wrong you can just review the logs. You may wish to develop this idea further and encapsulate such logging into a custom task, but for now lets keep it simple and use the Script Task. The Script Task code below will raise an Information event showing the name and connection string for a connection... [More]

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