Where is my app.config for SSIS?

by Darren Green 3 Aug 2009 09:20
Sometimes when working with SSIS you need to add or change settings in the .NET application configuration file, which can be a bit confusing when you are building a SSIS package not an application. First of all lets review a couple of examples where you may need to do this. You are using referencing an assembly in a Script Task that uses Enterprise Library (aka EntLib), so you need to add the relevant configuration sections and settings, perhaps for the logging application block. You are using using Enterprise Library in a custom task or component, and again you need to add the relevant... [More]

Comparing Overhead on the Execution Methods

by Allan Mitchell 7 Oct 2005 14:00
So we got to playing with some of the ways that you can execute an SSIS package and got kind of curious about any overhead associated with the execution methods. From these thoughts came a few tests and here are our findings. We decided to look at performance over two different pipelines. We also had to decide on a "Control" so that we had something against which to measure. In the tests the "Control" was achieved by executing each pipeline in the Business Intelligence Development Studio with debugging (F5). Pipeline 1 This pipeline is a straight Source ... [More]

Log Events and Pipeline Events

by Guest 6 May 2005 14:00
I was about to write about data flow buffer size configuration properties but need to get this one out first so that we can refer to it. The Data Flow task (internally and in the object model also called the 'Pipeline') logs some pretty interesting information that describe the internal scheduler. To see these messages, one way is: 1. In a package you want to get detailed pipeline logs on, select the 'Logging...' menu option on the control flow. 2. Check the Data Flow task of interest on the tree on the left. Switch over to Details and se... [More]

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