Explaining the State Transitions Viewer in Sequence Clustering

by Allan Mitchell 27 May 2010 19:29
Her is an article I wrote for MSDN that helps explains the excellent viewer we get for Sequence Clustering models in SQL Server Data Mining.  I show you how the numbers you see are derived and also give an explanation as to what the icons you see in the viewer mean. Link to the article

MSDN Article for the GetClusterCharacteristics Stored Procedure

by Allan Mitchell 27 May 2010 19:26
Here is an article I wrote for MSDN that introduces us to the GetClusterCharacteristics stored procedure in SQL Server Data Mining.  It gives us an insight into how the sequences within clusters are derived when using the Sequence Clustering algorithm. Link to article

Manchester UG Presentation Video

by Allan Mitchell 11 Aug 2009 16:01
In July I was invited to speak at the UK SQL Server UG event in Manchester.  I spoke about Excel being a good data mining client.  I was a little rushed at the end as Chris Testa-ONeill told me I had only 5 minutes to go when I had only been talking for 10 minutes.  Apparently I have a reputation for running over my time allocation.  At the event we also had a product demo from SQL Sentry around their BI monitoring dashboard solution.  This includes SSIS but the main thrust was SSAS Then came Chris with a look at Analysis Services.  If you ... [More]

Integrating Data Mining into your BI Solution (Presentation)

by Allan Mitchell 9 Jun 2009 08:23
I recently gave a live meeting presentation to the UK User Group on Integrating Data Mining into your BI Solution.  In it I talk about and demo ways of using your data mining models inside Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services.  This is the first in a series of presentations I will be doing for the UG as I try to get the word out that Data Mining can be for the masses. You can download my deck and my line meeting recording from here.

July SQL Server UG Event in Manchester

by Allan Mitchell 18 May 2009 16:18
I will be speaking at the SQL Server UK User Group event in Manchester on 16.07.2009.  I am going to be talking about data mining again and how it isn’t all statistics and people with PhDs from Oxford.  Come join me and the excellent Chris Testa-O’Neill.  More details and registration can be found here

Data Mining Time Series presentation

by Allan Mitchell 22 Jan 2009 13:15
Here are the slides/Spreadsheets and queries I ran in my UK User Group presentation.  I talked about how the algorithms in SQL Server 2008 (ARTxp and ARIMA) work and what the effects of changing some of the attributes are on predictions. It was a great night and I got some good feedback. Hope you enjoy Time Gentlemen Please.zip (178.59 kb)

More Value From Data Using Data Mining Presentation

by Allan Mitchell 1 Nov 2008 11:37
Here is a presentation I gave at the SQLBits conference in September which was recorded by Microsoft.  Usually I speak about SSIS but on this particular event I thought people would like to hear something different from me. Microsoft are making a big play for making Data Mining more accessible to everyone and not just boffins.  In this presentation I give an overview of data mining and then do some demonstrations using the excellent Excel Add-Ins available from Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2005 I hope you enjoy this presentation http://go.microso... [More]

More value from your data through data mining (Presentation)

by Allan Mitchell 25 Sep 2008 11:35
In this Live Meeting presentation Allan looks at data mining. The presentation is split evenly between demos and talking. Allan will give a brief overview of what data mining is along with some of the terminology as well as looking at what is available to you using SQL Server 2005. For the demos he uses Excel 2007 and the Data Mining add-in to demonstrate how even the least statistically minded of us can get started with this technology Presentation

Advanced Topics in SQL Server 2005 SSIS (Presentation)

by Allan Mitchell 15 Oct 2007 14:00
Download the slides and sample code from the Advanced Topics Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services presentation, first presented at the SQLBits 2007 Community Conference. In this session we looked at some of the not so often thought about areas of the SSIS toolbox. Perhaps they aren't considered true ETL by some people or are simply not seen but we think they are really useful weapons in our ETL armoury. Highlights include: Loading partitions directly Consuming a package in SSRS Using a DM algorithm in the pipeline to see... [More]

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