Creating packages in code - Package Configurations

by Darren Green 2 Mar 2009 10:00
Continuing my theme of building various types of packages in code, this example shows how to building a package with package configurations. Incidentally it shows you how to add a variable, and a connection too. It covers the five most common configurations: Configuration File Indirect Configuration File SQL Server Indirect SQL Server Environment Variable  For a general overview try the SQL Server Books Online Package Configurations topic. The sample uses a a simple helper function ApplyConfig to create or update a configuration, although in the example we will o... [More]

Using Parent Package Variables in Package Configurations

by Allan Mitchell 6 Dec 2004 14:00
Package configurations are now the prescribed way of being able to set values within your package from an outside source. One of the options for the source is Parent Package Variable. The name is perhaps a little misleading so this article is meant to guide you through this slight confusion and into using them. It also helps to explain a key concept in SQL Server Integration Services Setting Up Your Packages This example is very simple. We have two packages. One is called Caller and the other is named Called. In the Caller package we have an Execute Package task which calls the other packag... [More]

Easy Package Configuration

by Guest 30 Nov 2004 14:00
(By Jamie Thomson) One of the age old problems in DTS is moving packages between your development, test and production environments. Typically a series of manual edits needs to be done to all the packages to make sure that all the connection objects are pointing to the correct physical servers. This is time consuming and gives rise to the possibility of human error, particularly if the solution incorporates many DTS packages. Many companies have provided their own custom solutions for managing this problem but these are still workarounds for a problem that was inherent in DTS. Happily, Inte... [More]

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